Kalalaya Nrithya Academy

DR. Pt Naresh Pillai

{ "Receiver of Global Achiever Award" }

( "Your Quality is our concern start here go anywhere" )

About us

To provide Excellence in Technique based dance training to our diverse students from ages 5 to adulthood with a disciplined and structured approach in teaching both classical Kalakshetra Bharata Natyam dance technique.This cross cultural dance training provides our students with the necessary fundamental dance skills to be well rounded strong dancers and also prepares them for our cross cultural choreography

India, more popular as the land of snake charmers is the talk of the past. India extends far beyond this stereotype image. For centuries now, India has been placed as a cultural and historic tourist destination on the world map. But in the recent years, India has risen to be a prominent and distinguished destination for the adventure enthusiasts from across the globe.